The no.1 frameless car plate holder from
🇨🇭 Switzerland 🇨🇭


The Original from Switzerland

Frameless holder for🇮🇩 Indonesian license plates

car plates not included

better look without plastik brackets

easy to install for everyone!

Mounted with Flatee

Best look, perfect fit, suits every car brand, no gap!

Old style / out-dated look 🙁

Change your style to Flatee - the Swiss Innovation
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Flatee are frameless holders for your license plates

Just swipe the arrow back and forth to see the Changing look.
Before After
Before After

Enjoy the 'No Frame' look for your car

Plastic Brackets for license plates are outdated.

With Flatee you can affix your licence plates frameless.

see the difference - with and without brackets

Just swipe the arrow back and forth to see the Changing look.
Before After

Premium quality Hook&Loop system
High-tech POLYamid, completely UV-resistant
exclusive developed adhesive for car lacquer

Flatee withstands an adhesive strength of more than 140kg.
where else Normal plastic frames break at less than 29kg!

do you have a nice car and your license plates are still in a plastic frame?

change your style instantly and get 'flatee - the original' - the frameless license plate KIT

The original

No1 from Switzerland
RP 970
per Set
  • 1 Mounting Set Front License Plates
  • 1 Mounting Set Rear License Plates
  • 4 Cleansing wipes
  • 1 Hook&Loop Remover Tool
  • 1 Giftbox 50x10x3cm

Premium Hook and loop system invented in switzerland

No need to drill or screw your nice car's bumper.


For almost 30 years I have been bothered by unsightly plastic frames for car license plates. FLATEE is the perfect solution for a complete new look.
Months of development and by using the latest Hook&Loop technology for the best hold, FLATEE is super strong in any weather, temperature, all sorts of cleaning and even at 300 km/h on the motorway.

What makes it even more special, it is the most beautiful and refine solution for license plates. 

FLATEE is ideal and easy mounting for everyone! – All car brands, sports cars, limousines, SUV’s, motorhomes, vintage cars, station wagons, simply for all those who like to do without plastic frames and finally want to enjoy the cool No Frame Look!

patrick 🇨🇭

Founder of Flatee ®

information for asian countries.

Asian countries will be supplied through singapore

Suitable for malaysian cars? 🇲🇾

Yes indeed. Flatee suits perfectly to various car plate format. Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and many more countries have same or very similar size of car plates. Flatee’s product size is 10 x 49cm. Even if your car plate size is smaller, Flatee can be adjusted accordingly.

What will be delivered?

 A set of Premium Frameless Holder for your License Plates. (front and back) You will get a complete set to affix your front and back license plates to your vehicle. It is easy to fix and has a super strong holding power.

Frameless car plates is the ultimate trend in Europe and we are now expanding to Asia!

What is the delivery Time to asian Countries?

We ship from our stock in Singapore to most Asian countries. The standard delivery time is according to forwarder. Let us know if you have any questions or special shipping request. We will find a suitable solution for you.

Is Flatee Legal?

Yes. Flatee is legal in most countries. Some countries have special regulations and requirements. Please check with your local requirement and rules to ensure that you are align with the local laws and regulations.

For Singapore – please refer to the dedicated site “LTA Compliance“.