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After our almost a year process of verification with LTA officers, they are unable to support our product application even we could provide all test results and documentations.
Their reasoning given are unjustified assumption since they could not provide any standards, perimeters or reports for bench markings with the current plastic frame used.
We have reached out to our Minister of Transport, Chairman, Deputy Chairman and CEO (LTA) in August 2020 but unfortunately, our email has been ignored.
We are disappointed on many levels such as our credible product are being misjudged by assumption and comparing as consumer goods where our certified reports on product quality, strength and weather resistance are provided.Here’s the facts you can find in local authority websites; the guidelines provided are for license plate instead of the method of application.Law & regulations under Road Traffic in Singapore on how license plates must be affixed:There is no existence law and regulations in Singapore on how license plates should be affixed (refer below). Check out the website:

Therefore, FLATEE system does not violate any law and regulations in Singapore, this was confirmed by the LTA officers verbally November 2019 during our meeting but unfortunately, they do not provide a written email to us when we have sent several emails for a written confirmation.
We welcome viewers and readers to drop us an email: if you find any information from our local authority which we may have overlooked.
Knowing that our frameless system does not violate any law & regulations in Singapore, we continue to sell high-end performing product; known for its extra strong and safe features to our car enthusiasts. 
What you will anticipate when you send your vehicle for inspection?
As frameless system for affixing license plate do not exist in the market and under Singapore Road Traffic Act does not cover on how license plate has to be affixed; therefore, there is non-existence guideline for inspection centres (VICOM / STA).
As Inspectors do not have proper guidelines on affixed license plate. They are based on individual assumptions which resulted inconsistent approval between inspection centres; the authority has confirmed verbally during our met-up November 2019.
Lastly, we offer to our customer a one time off new set of FLATEE when you provide documentation proof from VICOM / STA that they do not approve the method of your license plate affixed.
Thank you for taking time to read our updates!
We look forward to have another supporter for our product

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